New Agiblocks Features for Risk Management: OTC and What-If Analysis

We’ve said it just the other week in our report of CTW 2021; technological innovation – having new and improved features – is still an enormous part of choosing a CTRM solution. Tech in the market for CTRM software is booming once again. Moreover, the modern user wants to do much more portfolio analysis than they used too, while more and more is known about the complexity of derivates in the commodity trade. That’s why we’ve recently added two very interesting new features in Agiblocks: tools for both OTC contracts and What-If Analysis. The importance of technology and architecture Not too long ago, only the big firms could have it all in terms of scalability and flexibility of software solutions, as they had the time and resources to build their own platforms. Thanks to the modern approach of CTRMs as an ecosystem as well as the availability of cloud service, those previous luxuries are now commonplace. Furthermore, Agiboo has decided years ago to migrate CTRM architecture to easily accessible cloud services, while platforms on client/server or need to seriously rewrite their software to keep up with the times. And while a lot of companies talk about the cloud, that… continue reading

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