Agiblocks Tutorials: ‘Education is key’

We’ve launched our second season of Agiblocks Tutorials just this week – you can find the first installment of our brand-new series on Logistics here. That didn’t go unnoticed by our friends over at CTRMCenter, as we were approached for an interview on the virtues of education and passing along expertise. “While plainly, the videos serve to promote Agiboo and its flagship product, Agiblocks, the intent behind them is to help educate and preserve industry knowledge”, says Gary Vasey. “Talking with Jan van den Brom is always interesting as he often has intriguing observations to impart”, he states. “In recent months and years, conversations with Jan have often touched on the need for education in the industry. I don’t think I would be misquoting him in saying that he sees ComTech as a necessary and beneficial educator and advisory in the industry. He constantly encourages us to revisit topics periodically as ‘new people are coming into the industry all of the time who don’t necessarily know the things we assume they do’.” “A few years ago, Jan started writing a massive set of website materials that Agiboo had me edit. The idea was to provide a knowledge center at its… continue reading

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