Women at Adaptive share their advice to students and fellow women in the industry

International Women’s Day Webinar On Tuesday, we commemorated Women’s History Month and, belatedly, International Women’s Day, with an astonishing internal webinar titled “Careers & Bias Against Women in the Workplace”, presented by six of our female colleagues in different roles at the company, all from different backgrounds and nationalities. In this webinar, they shared their career journeys in the tech industry, their challenges and also their achievements. The aim was to raise awareness about why we can’t yet yell ‘hurray!’ when we talk about gender equality in the industry and to also help us become aware of and dismantle any of our own bias. The best part of this initiative is that, since we are collaborating with the Tower Hamlets Enterprise Business Partnership (THEBP) mentoring program, we have offered them the possibility to access the recording and share it with their female students so they can watch it and hopefully be inspired by first-hand stories. No external articles or social media posts were planned; as many other activities we organise internally we just keep them as non-public. However, we asked our panellists to wrap up the event with some tips for young students and fellow women in the industry, and… continue reading

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