Managing multiple agricultural commodities in one CTRM

At Gen10, we don’t like talking about “ags and softs CTRM” as one category that can be thrown together and treated as if these different commodities all had the same physical characteristics and solution requirements. Our experience of working with clients across a range of different agricultural commodities has shown that they need a CTRM solution to provide slightly different functionality for each commodity, whether that’s managing bales or tanks, unique quality metrics, or any one of the many other nuances out there. This is why we ensure our comprehensive commodity management platform has the flexibility to fully support each unique agricultural commodity. Gen10’s CommOS has the functionality to manage cotton, coffee, cocoa, sugar, dairy, oilseeds, corn and more – all within the one system. And because of its flexible cloud-based architecture, each organisation’s CTRM includes only the options and menus that their people actually need, customised to their own processes. What does this multi-commodity CTRM look like? We start with the core building blocks that all commodity management solutions share, and the modules we have refined over years of working across commodities, before configuring the nuances to the business. Our Formula Engine makes this configuration possible. The Formula Engine… continue reading

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