Disruptive Technologies in Commodity Trading and Risk Management

If, like us, you keep an eye on what is going on in the world of CTRM then you will have seen the constant reminders that technology is one of several drivers of change. Blockchain, AI & ML, Cloud and much more. In commodities, this seems to be a time of unprecedented change and technology is in part driving that change and facilitating it. Against that backdrop, we are looking at the role of technology in driving change in commodities and would appreciate your input into a small number of questions to help us understand where and how technology is being deployed. At the same time, we asked the CTRMCenter Thought Leaders for their opinions on what are the technologies driving change and why. As you sift through their answers below, a couple of things stand out for us. Firstly, that the concept of ecosystems is mentioned in one way or another by almost all of these industry veterans and that automation and AI seem to be also widely mentioned. This certainly agrees with our own research and where we see things going. There is also discussion of digitalization and decentralization, but these trends are all related and the words… continue reading

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