Commodities People’s roundtable on Reddit traders

ComTech’s Dr. Gary M Vasey participated in a recent Commodities People online roundtable. The background was that Reddit traders have taken Wall Street by storm – but what are the real impacts of the GameStop share price surge and how might it affect commodity trading? Watch our webinar to find out more about Reddit-onomics impact on commodity trading including: Market structures and potential failings Current trends in markets: democratisation, virtualisation, speed Focus on silver Role of social media as a source of information, and reliability of information Perception of hedge funds Speed and strength of the narrative You’ll hear from experts in commodities and financial markets: Eddie Tofpik, Head of Technical Analysis & Senior Markets Analyst at ADM Investor Services International Ltd. (Moderator) Dr Gary M. Vasey, Partner & Managing Director at ComTech Advisory Jean-Marc Bonnefous, Managing Partner at Tellurian Capital Phillip Wiltshire, Trading Manager at Anesco

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