All you need to know after CTILive! – Part One

Gen10 recently attended the commodity trading virtual event CTI Live! from 23 -25 March 2021. The event featured 6 fascinating panels across the 3 days, covering a wide range of relevant and topical subjects, from supply chain structure to climate change. Gen10 were invited to speak on digitalisation in commodities and on the new trade finance landscape. In this first part of our quick event overview, we summarise 3 of these sessions: Digitalisation in commodities: lessons learnt from 2020? Featuring Gen10 CEO Richard Williamson alongside 3 other industry experts, this session opened with the question of who is winning in the current environment and why? Richard explained that although it’s hard to describe anybody as “winners” from the devastating impact of a global pandemic, the commodity companies that performed best were those who had their systems, processes and people aligned before the crisis and were ready to handle the sudden shift to working from home. They were able to continue their work processes with less disruption. A discussion of responses to the pandemic followed, including how switching to the cloud is becoming seen as a “currency of survival”. Organisations are also removing manual processing where they can and creating more… continue reading

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