A smart desktop strategy starts with getting the house in order first

In the first and second part of our series, we explored in depth the challenges that the buy-side and the sell-side currently face when thinking about building smart desktop strategies. Chief among those, according to our recent roundtable discussion with leading global buy-side and sell-side firms, is the standardisation of data and messaging protocols to enable seamless communication and interoperability. In the third and final part of this series, I will outline three takeaways which, when taken into account, can help pave the way forward for a smart desktop strategy which can achieve the right balance of both creating revenue for the sell-side and delivering value to the buy-side. First, the smart desktop of the future is an aspiration for both the buy-side and the sell-side. The buy-side is, however, currently focused exclusively on resolving internal issues of communication and standardisation of information between teams. The sell-side, on the other hand, is looking both externally to find new routes to market by promoting desktop interoperability, as well internally by focusing resources on roadmaps which are IP-driven and therefore have the potential to generate new revenues in the future. Despite these conversations being inward-looking, both parties recognise that with the technology… continue reading

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