10 Interesting Facts About Sugar

Sugar is a sweet-flavored ingredient, used in many types of food and drinks around the world since ancient times. It can be found in pretty much every plant, but it can only be extracted – or at least economically efficiently – from sugarcane and sugar beet. This sweetener has become a preferred ingredient in almost every food product. It’s hard to find someone who isn’t a fan – we know we are! Here’s 10 interesting facts about sugar. Sugar – who doesn’t love it? Our flagship CTRM solution Agiblocks aims to serve a whole host of soft commodities, with four in particular that receive a specialized treatment (which we will talk about pretty soon). However, there’s only one commodity that shares its name with an oft-used nickname for loved ones: Sugar. Which made us feel like diving into a new ‘facts about’-article, like we did previously with our 16 interesting facts about coffee and more recently with 12 things you need to know about cotton. Now, we don’t need another reason, but we DO have one; “Sugar is booming again,” as Jan van den Brom told CTRM Center. In fact, Agiboo has signed four new sugar customers in the two… continue reading

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