Welcome to EVOLVE: The Energy Innovation Conference

Austin, Texas (February 11, 2021) — Enverus, the leading energy SaaS company, is inviting members of the media to EVOLVE, a virtual conference focused on the evolution of the energy industry and what to expect in 2021. During the Feb. 16-18 EVOLVE sessions, attendees will hear Enverus’ analysts discuss their outlook on the oil and gas industry, the energy mix and investability, and a conversation around the acceleration of critical, industry-shifting topics like ESG to prepare for the future of energy. “The energy industry is always in a state of transition and COVID-19 has only accelerated its evolution,” said Manuj Nikhanj, president of Enverus. “Let’s put the politics and rhetoric behind us and discuss how technology and innovation are at the forefront of more environmentally responsible energy extraction. This gathering of who’s who in energy is about empowering innovation in all forms and hearing from experts who have authority on these issues and can demonstrate what our future could look like.” Keynote speeches from world-class energy innovators, customer panels, networking opportunities, and insights from multiple Enverus’ subject matter experts will be featured, including: Jessica O. Matthews, renowned innovator, will share her entrepreneurial dream — an energy-powered soccer ball — that… continue reading

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