Small steps towards a smart desktop strategy

Creating a smart desktop strategy to enable alpha generation is an important challenge to overcome for the buy-side and the sell-side alike, as outlined in our earlier article The road towards a smart desktop strategy is riddled with challenges (Read it here). An ecosystem – a data exchange with low barriers to entry and integration costs – which allows the sell-side and vendors alike to deploy their data and for the buy-side to consume the data in a systematic way, remains an aspiration. There are, however, a number of issues which our roundtable of some of the leading global buy-side and sell-side firms identified which, if addressed, could create the right foundations for the smart desktop strategy of the future. The first challenge identified is one of scale vs customisation. To be successful, both sell-side firms and vendors alike need to achieve the right balance between building something that has traction and applies to as many clients as possible, while exposing enough API to allow for modularity which enables the more sophisticated clients to assemble the information for themselves. This is critical as the customisation requirements – however large or small – will be different for different firms. The second… continue reading

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