M&A – get systems integration right

Systems integration, bringing together a range of subsystems into one effective and coordinated whole, has long been one of the major challenges of mergers and acquisitions. With an anticipated increase in M&A activity over the next year, systems integration will become a key competency for a growing number of commodity businesses. Aligning disparate systems is not only a technological challenge. As well as unifying software, it also means aligning the different processes at work in each company and changing mindsets; including improving collaboration and creating a shared sense of purpose – something that can be difficult when teams were competitors before the merger. Software systems integration Systems integration that creates a unified software ecosystem also unifies operating procedures and can go a long way towards creating a more collaborative mindset too. There are many ways this software integration can be achieved, from adding connections between existing systems to rolling out the best commodity management software to all business areas. After M&A activity, it is possible to keep each business unit using their previous software and add connections for central data analysis, risk reporting and other management functions. This approach may be less disruptive as employees do not need to learn… continue reading

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