ICE Trade Capture Unpacked

Tracking Trade Data from an Order to Instant Risk/PnL | Part Two of Five In this second post in our series of blogs discussing the futures and options trading environment, we look at how to track ICE trade data as it flows from a trader’s buy/sell clicks on screen to the exchange to the trader’s clearing account, the ICE Trade Capture API, and finally the trading company’s risk system.  You can review Part 1 for the distilled checklist on trade data automation, scalability, and regulatory compliance no matter how you execute trades by clicking here. Must-Have Glossary for Futures Trades As you read below, refer to the links here for insights on industry jargon: Order Management System (OMS) – Software that “screens” traders’ use to interact with the exchange. Futures Exchange – Marketplace for trading futures and options. For example, ICE, CME, Nodal, EEX, Eurex, Euronext, and more. Clearinghouse – Risk shock absorber for the market in case participants have financial stress. Clearing Broker (a.k.a. Futures Clearing Merchant or FCM) – An entity that collects margin from participants on behalf of the clearinghouse. For example, Mizuho, ABN AMRO, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan and others.    ICE Trade Capture API (TC API)… continue reading

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