Flexibility in CTRM training and implementations

At Gen10 we frequently discuss the importance of ensuring your commodity management software has the flexibility to support your business; technology should conform to your business processes, not the other way around. An important, but often overlooked, part of this flexibility lies in training and implementation. After all, if your people’s first impression of a new CTRM system is being forced to learn rigid processes that don’t reflect how they actually work, then engagement, proficiency and productivity will all suffer. We start by understanding the business Businesses that are switching CTRMs often have processes that are designed around how their existing system works, and those without commodity management software have inefficient record-keeping processes to contend with. A new commodity management system can make many of these processes simpler and faster, or may change them entirely. As part of this Change Management process, it is therefore very important to understand what the business is looking to achieve and work with clients on process improvement. Training teams need to understand these improvements before training begins so they can fully discuss the benefits the changes will bring and engage system users. And just as importantly, implementations and training need to take into account… continue reading

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