Can CTRM Ever be Delivered in a Lower Cost to Serve Model?

An Interview with Simon Piercy, Founder and Managing Director of CTRM Cubed ComTech Advisory: What is your vision for CTRM Cubed and specifically, what is your target market? Simon Piercy: Our vision for the company is to provide a scalable, reliable, affordable SaaS E/CTRM platform, cloud delivered that is quick to implement and easy to integrate. Rather than build out a monolithic system, TradeCube is designed as ecosystem component, that sites alongside other SaaS components that link together using standardized web services. Our target market is any organization that needs a CTRM quickly, and doesn’t have the time, patience or appetite to go down a protracted project selection and implementation route. ComTech Advisory: The trend towards cloud and ecosystems of solutions/services in CTRM and CM is increasingly clearer each day. But is CTRM software really something you can do on a multi-tenant, low monthly fees-type basis? Simon Piercy: Multi-tenancy is the enabler for a lower cost-to serve model. With TradeCube, there’s no significant incremental costs for us as we onboard new clients or add new environments. The platform scales as required to meet the needs. We’ve also built in a set of management components, that allow self-service of the application… continue reading

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