Where Are My ICE Trades?

New Definitive Guide & Checklist for ICE Trades | Part One of Five This is the first in a series of five blogs examining the futures and options trading environment. The series will discuss how to streamline trade data management to enable automation, scalability, and regulatory compliance no matter the size of your firm. In a world where we can video chat with friends around the world with the click of a button, it makes no sense that people are still manually entering trades. But it is a common scenario: A trader executes a trade on ICE, but no trade message flows from the exchange. Here is a helpful checklist of what could be going wrong in the Trade Data Supply Chain. If you are already familiar with ICE trade data flows, enjoy the raw checklist of tasks to make it work. If you are new to the world of futures trading, start by examining the Data Supply Chain image and the “Trades and Terminology Resources” below.  Then stay tuned for the next post where we will unpack the futures data supply chain end to end.  Data Supply Chain A critical concept in enterprise futures trading is that there is… continue reading

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