What is a SaaS CTRM?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service; it is a delivery and licencing model that allows users to access their software over the Internet. A SaaS CTRM is a software application where users access their commodity trading risk management, or broader commodity management, through their web browser. SaaS software usually has a very different pricing model to older software applications. Whereas older CTRM systems were bought outright and installed on hardware in the client’s physical offices for a large upfront cost (and often ongoing support and maintenance fees), SaaS pricing follows a subscription model. Initial implementation fees are typically lower as they do not include a large upfront fee for the software and, thanks to the technological differences we discuss below, can require much less initial setup and development. These lower upfront costs reduce barriers to entry, meaning that smaller and mid-size organisations can invest in a CTRM with a much smaller IT budget than used to be the case. It is also easier for those already using a CTRM to switch to technology that better meets their requirements. SaaS is now a common model for many enterprise systems; from IM and video meeting tools to browser-based CRM and HR… continue reading

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