The road towards a smart desktop strategy is riddled with challenges

The proliferation of data and technology has given rise to a number of solutions which aim to optimise the sales and trading experience of the buy-side and the sell-side trader. Over the past few years, the ubiquitous Bloomberg terminal has seen competition for desktop real estate from a number of vendors and sell-side firms aiming to provide rich data and information sets to help buy-side clients make informed trading decisions and improve performance. The integration of such tools to achieve a smart desktop strategy, however, remains elusive, according to a recent roundtable on the subject hosted by Adaptive. I moderated a discussion with representatives from some of the leading global buy-side and sell-side firms in which they shared their views on the current barriers to optimising their desktop strategy. This article aims to summarise those views and pave the way for a discussion on the solutions needed for the smart desktop of the future. While there are differences in how the buy-side and the sell-side approach the available solutions, both face the same central problem – outdated legacy applications which do not always communicate with one another. Their most pressing need is therefore improving the communication between these applications and… continue reading

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