How a strong client focus helped Gen10 create more agile commodity management solutions

One major response to the disruptions of the last year has been a significant increase in agility amongst commodity producers, traders and processors. During the lockdowns triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, this agility was seen as necessary for business survival. It enabled teams to keep the business moving whilst working remotely and meant collaborating with customers to renegotiate logistics and billing in an ever-changing situation. Even when we return to less volatile times, this new-found agility can create a significant advantage to businesses. It allows them to move quickly; seizing new opportunities and finding new ways to add value by constantly learning, adapting and growing. To support these agile outcomes, commodity traders and other organisations need to ensure their systems are also agile, particularly core commodity management and CTRM systems. If your digital processes are rigid and inflexible, they can impede or negate the advantages of the agile environment created in the physical world. What do we mean by “agility”? “Agile” can mean different things to different people. It began as a way to develop software faster and in a way that works better for clients. The ethos of agile software development is to prioritise customer collaboration and respond as… continue reading

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