FinanceAgri & Agiboo. Sitagri Infinite & Agiblocks: Butter & Toast

FinanceAgri, the internationally successful company behind Sitagri Infinite, is an industry-leading information expert. Well over 350 customers in the commodity markets of more than 30 countries are served in their daily needs for real-time data, news, charts and analytics. The company’s Sitagri Infinite is a SAAS platform and mobile solution based on the latest web technologies, available for all the major devices, enabling faster and smarter decision-making wherever you are. It also works really will with Agiblocks – which I why we spoke to Marketing Director Guillaume Ruan to talk about recent developments, future plans and the successful integration of our combined solutions. Sitagri Infinite FinanceAgri helps first and second stage processing companies by delivering reliable, real-time content with the widest possible coverage, including advice and powerful tools to make better decisions in a complex and quickly changing business environment. It’s no wonder then that it’s such a good fit with Agiblocks, as adding FinanceAgri’s data on futures prices directly into the Agiboo CTRM solution further improves and simplifies the daily routine of commodity trading. But let’s take a step back first, and find out more about FinanceAgri’s own flagship solution: Sitagri Infinite. Sitagri has been around for nearly two… continue reading

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