EnergyOne’s enFlow as an energy-focused RPA tool

A couple of years ago or so, EnergyOne alerted ComTech to a new software product it had developed. That product, now branded as enFlow, was revealed as an interesting RPA-type tool specifically designed for energy and commodity markets and it did capture my interest. Recently, I caught up with EnergyOne to find out where the product was and discovered that it had been enhanced and polished with the addition of a user UI that made using the tool easier. I also discovered that the tool had found a couple of interesting use cases where a number of customers were now utilizing the tool. Additionally, EnergyOne companies, Contigo and eZ-nergy were also utilizing or planning on utilizing it in support of their existing products. That caught my interest and so I asked a number of questions about the tool and its uses. ComTech Advisory: What exactly is enflow and how did it originate as a software product? Ross Attrill: enFlow is a process automation and optimization tool designed specifically for energy trading and operations. enFlow originated from our observation that while there are a multitude of products to support management of trades and positions – Energy Trading and Risk Management or… continue reading

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