Does your CTRM help your commodity traders?

For too many years, CTRM systems have been seen by traders as more of an administrative task that complicates workloads than as a tool that can speed up processes, manage risk and ultimately improve trading margins. This is largely because of the continued use of legacy CTRM systems that do not have the functionality and flexibility of modern CTRM and commodity management systems. These old CTRMs, that in some cases have been in use for decades, were designed to capture information about trading activity for use in risk management. The main interaction traders therefore had with these platforms was as a source of administrative work. In the last few years, there has been a growing awareness amongst commodity traders that technology can do more to support their work than these legacy systems allow. A growing number of commodity traders are now discovering that modern CTRM technology can do far more for trading teams than the legacy systems whose limitations they are used to. A good modern CTRM allows all members of the organisation to manage their work within the system, efficiently processing and automating contracts to reduce administration and improve margins. And it provides instant access to the data traders… continue reading

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