CASE STUDY: Fortune 500 Agricultural Firm Meets Regulatory Deadlines With Ease

Global Agriculture Trading Firm Meets Tight Regulatory Deadlines with K3   Key Results Met regulatory deadlines with limited staff and expense Deployed flexible technology which delivered future changes with ease Enabled analysts to easily oversee 15 minute reporting obligations   The Customer Faced with tight regulatory deadlines, a Fortune 500 agriculture and trading firm needed to assemble a central store of trade data from multiple sources, apply a complex set of rules against them, then convert data to a new standard before submitting to regulators. Highly regulated due to their size, they have a 15 minute reporting deadline for trades as well as strict record keeping standards. The Challenge Every transaction needed to be interpreted according to a set of rules and then converted (ETL) to a standard reporting format, irrespective of the originating system. The firm knew what needed to be done but how was not quite as clear, especially in the face of technical staff bandwidth constraints. While bespoke solutions could have been delivered by numerous consultancies, the firm sought a solution with low maintenance that could be operated by teams who understood the meaning of trade data and the regulations. Thus alleviating the need to involve technical… continue reading

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