Acceptance Testing with Adaptive’s Accelerators

At Adaptive we believe that QA and Testing are at the core of any agile delivery and your testing approach cannot be truly agile without test automation. So when we invested in our accelerator technology, we realised that an acceptance testing solution must be a part of it and it must be done right. What we needed was a test framework which: Promotes collaboration within the team Makes it easy to concentrate on testing business features the same way our accelerators allow us to concentrate on writing business code Helps us write fast and reliable tests In this blog post, I would like to share some of the most exciting features of the framework that allow us to achieve these goals. But first, some technical information. Our framework is written in Java and is based on Cucumber to make collaboration between QA, DEV and BA easier, and to decrease the risk of getting complex business functionality wrong. Now let’s talk about the test framework features. Test Execution Mode Test Execution Mode is one of the most powerful features for me as a QA! You can use the framework for any kind of test: component or integration, but you get the… continue reading

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