7 ways CTRM systems need to adapt in 2021

2020 was a year of rapid change in the commodities industry. A recent Gen10 article explored the major challenges of 2020 and how the industry is responding to them, and now we consider how CTRM systems will need to adapt to keep pace with these market changes. 1. CTRM system flexibility There has been a trend towards greater CTRM system flexibility for some time, but this is likely to accelerate rapidly. Commodity producers, traders and buyers have all spent recent years making their operations as efficient as possible to drive profit margins, and have been gradually identifying the need for technology that supports this efficiency. But as businesses have rapidly increased flexibility in their operations over the last year, many have found that they urgently need to see this sort of flexibility in their technology solutions too. 2. Supporting agility Businesses were forced to increase their agility to survive in 2020, and they need technology that can adapt and support this agility so that future opportunities can be seized as they arrive. CTRM systems should be more adaptable, in terms of both development and in adjusting existing features without large-scale costs or long-term projects. Whether organisations need to improve processes… continue reading

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