You Don’t Have to Be a Quant to Get Complex Forward Curves

Enverus has always had a flagship curve building solution with deep functionality, but it wasn’t designed for use by everybody. Before today, our flagship solution was largely restricted to a small and technical user group. With deep functionality came a complicated interface – and if you didn’t know how to write code, CurveBuilder probably wasn’t for you. When it comes to managing commodity risk and building a comprehensive curves solution for risk analysts and traders, ease of use matters. And we want to empower both traders and analysts to quickly build dynamic forward curve formulas in our new fast and intuitive web-based curve building interface. With CurveBuilder, we built a complete solution that has the ease of use, but it still has the deep functionality. So we always laugh now because it’s so easy and intuitive, a four-year-old could go in and build a curve in less than five seconds. The launch of CurveBuilder has democratized forward curve generation. Today, it’s the trader, it’s the risk analyst now that we’re putting the solution in their hands instead of a developer having to take control. Before the launch of the new CurveBuilder, a trader didn’t build a curve. He would say,… continue reading

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