Three Stunning Power Market Trends That Emerged in 2020

As I began to reflect the market trends of 2020, as well as what to expect in the New Year, I couldn’t help but laugh at my naivete in my call for more market volatility as renewables gain market share in power markets, which I published at this time last year. To be sure, we were all naïve about the tsunami of market impacts that would come with the coronavirus, which was all but unknown to us 365 days ago. And I’ll give credit where credit’s due – the call for volatility in the CAISO market was pretty dead on! But overall, the fascinating forces that moved power markets in 2020 were in many cases impossible to predict. My team and I tackled slews of new trends that impact power trading this year. We did this by leveraging the capability of artificial intelligence and machine learning to quickly adapt our abilities to measure power loads. Here’s a quick round-up of the top three power market trends that literally stunned us as they emerged.   3. Battling California Blackouts with Accurate Renewable Power Forecasting   As I mentioned above, I wrote about the increasing need for accurate power load forecasting technology… continue reading

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