REMIT documents from ACER: Brexit, Q+A and fees

ACER has issued several updated documents relating to REMIT: An updated open letter on the application of Brexit with respect to the upcoming transition, which can be found here. The letter talks about the requirement for those who will continue to be within scope of EU REMIT, but with UK ACER codes, to change them for EU ACER codes. The letter also states that any trade with delivery in the UK will not be in the scope of EU REMIT reporting, despite the fact that in some cases the “REMIT carve out” may still apply as per a statement from ESMA in relation to energy “traded in the union” (see here). ACER has also released an updated version of the REMIT Q+A which can be found here. There are new/updated answers: • III.3.46 (page 72) – On the definition of “installed capacity”.• III.3.47 (page 73) – About transportation contracts in scope of EU REMIT.• III.7.22 (page 87) reiterates information in a recent letter about Inside Information Platforms (see here)• III.7.22 (page 87) states that TSOs may, for a temporary period, publish Inside Information on the ENTSO-E platform . ACER also released a document here that provides Question and Answers on… continue reading

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