Reject Me Not: Ethane Steps Into the Spotlight

Austin, Texas (December 9, 2020) — Enverus, the leading oil and gas SaaS and data analytics company, has released its latest FundamentalEdge report that explores the company’s current view of the oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) markets. “NGLs don’t always get the attention they deserve despite the fact that they form the building blocks of the modern petrochemicals industry and, consequently, many of the goods we use on a daily basis. What we are seeing with surging NGL production amid this year’s slump in oil and gas production should make people sit up and take notice,” says Jesse Mercer, senior director of Crude Market Analytics at Enverus. “Over the past decade, the petrochemicals industry became accustomed to ever-growing supplies of low-cost NGLs from the United States. Ethane, in particular, was priced so cheaply that as much as 1 MMBbl/d was never converted to ethylene and instead burned as fuel at various points last year. Those levels of ethane rejection now seem like a distant memory. What is interesting about this year’s surging NGL production in the U.S. is just how much this is being driven by the desperate need to recover increasing amounts of ethane from places… continue reading

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