From Computer Science (CS) to Consultant: a journey of problems and solutions

Since finishing my studies in Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh, I have spent the last two years working at Adaptive. Here, I have progressed from the graduate program onto real projects. In this article, I will contrast my experience studying Computer Science and how it compared with my time at Adaptive. Studying Computer Science: Learning to solve problems I started my CS studies by asking the question: what is Computer Science? The internet provided an overview which gave me an idea of the courses I would study. My courses ranged from highly theoretical, such as Theoretical Computer Science – which looked at problems of satisfiability – to Object-oriented programming. Yet, despite all of the courses, I often wondered about how I was going to apply linear algebra, or discrete math, for example.The knowledge imparted was extensive, but there was less time dedicated to practical work. Most of the courses at university followed the same pattern: we covered some theoretical concepts, followed by one or two assignments to put the core materials of the course into practice. As an example, in Computer Architecture, we looked at caches (memory and its history) and CPUs, and for the practical assignment, we… continue reading

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