Cereza Coffee Joins Agiblocks Community

The Colombian Eje Cafetero, or the slightly less poetic Coffee Triangle, is part of the Paisa region of the predominantly rural area of the South American republic. It is famous for growing and producing the majority of Colombian coffee, widely considered as one of the best in the world. It’s also where Joseph Wein fell in love with coffee and decided to found Cereza Coffee, which just happens to be the latest company to adopt Agiblocks as the go-to CTRM solution. We completely understand if you’re already in holiday mode and can’t wait to leave 2020 behind, but we’re here to tell you that we can’t let you go just yet. We still have some great news to share before you can discover what Santa stuffed into your stockings this year; Cereza Coffee has selected Agiblocks as the solution for their CTRM needs. We caught up with founder Joseph Wein and Operations Manager Pedro Benitez in their New York City offices – at a socially responsible distance of 3,650 miles – to talk Agiblocks & coffee. Cereza Coffee Cereza Coffee sources exceptional coffees and delivers them directly from farm to client in the most cost efficient, quality conscious, and personalized… continue reading

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