And Now We Know…

As many people are forced to work from home, there has been quite a bit of discussion over whether or not this is a good thing, a bad thing or makes no real difference. Well, now we have a better idea as to what it means because Kaspersky have released a major new survey study looking at working from home in 2020. The study was conducted by research agency Toluna in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, and survey responses were gathered from 9th to 18th April 2020. All respondents were employed full-time or part-time. A total of 6,017 respondents were surveyed across the stated countries. There are some mildly amusing aspects to the results such as the fact that 11% prefer to work well, naked. Employees also appreciated the opportunity to sleep on weekdays (36% of respondents), watch multiple episodes of series on Netflix in a row (23%) or work outside in the garden or terrace (27%). Rather alarming also is that 51% confessed to watching adult content on devices used for work purposes. Just less than a half of all respondents had never worked at home before… continue reading

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