Traceability is coming to metals supply chains – are you ready?

Responsible sourcing and sustainability in metals are big news at the moment. The LME has announced several new initiatives recently, but these are only the latest in a series of developments in the ESG (environmental, social, governance) space that impacts the entire value chain of every metal. Many organisations already have individuals or teams responsible for monitoring and improving ESG metrics. These teams often create company-level reports for stakeholders. But as demands for supply chain transparency increase, customers increasingly expect assurance that the actual product they are buying meets their sustainability criteria, and want better information regarding its provenance. Supply chain transparency at this level is possible, but it can no longer be the preserve of distinct teams and relies on the entire organisation being able to access, process and share data better than ever before. What’s changing in the sustainability landscape? Consumer demand for sustainable products has been growing over recent years, with human rights, land stewardship and climate change all high on the agenda and reinforced by legislation in many jurisdictions. Most large organisations have already made steps to address these concerns and assigned responsibility for managing sustainability issues. Miners may have teams focussing on land stewardship and… continue reading

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