REMIT announcements: Inside Information, validations and updated Guidance

ACER has issued some updates last week related to the impact of Covid-19, Brexit in the form of an open letter (see here), and also an updated Guidance document (here). The open letter (here) refers to the previously extended deadline from which Inside Information Platforms (IIP) should be used to disclose Inside Information under REMIT Article 4 to January 2021. This deadline will not be extended. However, leeway will be given in 2021 for the deployment of a backup platform, permitting web sites to be used as backup. The new validation rules relating to EIC X codes is delayed by 2 months to 1 March 2021 due to Brexit. There is also clarification around whether transportation contracts are Wholesale Energy Products and thus within the scope of REMIT. The updated version of the 5th edition of the REMIT guidance (here) brings references to other regulations up to date. The 5th Edition of the Guidance added a significant section on the application of the definition of Inside Information under REMIT (see here) when it was released earlier this year. ETR Advisory clients received detailed commentary on the updated Guidance when it was issued as part of Regulatory Support (see here).

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