Treegether: Sponsor your own Cocoa Tree

In 2011, there was an idea. An idea rooted in values like sharing, rewarding and giving recognition where recognition is due. It was an idea inspired by meetings with cocoa farmers from Africa and Latin America, who carry the heavy loads so we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. In 2020, the year more known for halting developments rather than propagating them, that idea came to fruition: meet Treegether, the platform that gives meaning to cocoa farming and aims to bring personal recognition to farmers and producers by allowing consumers to sponsor their very own cocoa tree. During ComRisk last week, we’ve once again talked about the global economy, the impact of an unprecedented pandemic and all other things ‘macro’. Key topics included the covid-19 impact on markets – including sugar, coffee and cocoa –, the latest developments in risk technologies, best practices around operational risks, and more. You can read our full report here. Today we would like to talk to you about a smaller but rather more inspiring topic: Treegether, an amazing Swiss project that supports cocoa farmers from across the world by connecting them – and their specialty final products – directly to you, the… continue reading

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