What’s so great about Snowflake? (non-technical)

Non-Technical Demystification of The Largest Software IPO of all Time The hype train is certainly pulling into the station. You may have heard about Snowflake, the software company that Warren Buffett invested in and is now having its Initial Public Offering (IPO) So really, what exactly is so great about Snowflake (in non-technical terms)? The meter turns off Sitting in standstill traffic with the taxi meter running is a very special feeling. You are going nowhere and getting poorer all the while. Well Snowflake turns the meter off when you are not moving. Petabytes of data are out there, pretty much just sitting there unused. Sometimes for years. With older data stores, the meter is always running for capacity to call and crunch the data. Not with Snowflake. If the data is just sitting there, the processing capacity goes to sleep and the meter turns off. For big companies with lots of data this is huge. The Snowflake for “data just sitting there” is a very respectable $23 per terabyte per month. (That’s about enough to store over 600 full length movies). If we compare that to something else, like Amazon AWSRedshift, we find that the meter does not shut… continue reading

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