Ruby Chocolate – The Fourth Member of the Family

The origin of the youngest member of the chocolate family It may be hard to imagine, but ruby chocolate has only been around for just under three years now. Dark, milk and white – those were our constants for many a decade. So where did the fourth member of the family come from? How did that new pink addition gain popularity so quickly? (Spoiler alert; Magnum’s endeavors helped). Ruby Chocolate Ruby Tuesday Barry Callebaut introduced Little Ruby just three years ago, but she has already become an established member of the chocolate family. The celebratory unveiling took place at a private event in Shanghai in September of 2017. September 5th, to be exact – which was a Tuesday. Keith Richards must have been proud. Ruby chocolate is made from ruby beans, a type of botanical cocoa bean. Callebaut’s cocoa experts discovered that components of certain cocoa beans could produce a chocolate with an exceptional flavor and color. That development in turn led to the discovery of this particular cocoa bean and creation of a totally new chocolate. They grow under unique climate conditions, you can find them in Ecuador, Brazil or Ivory Coast. It took the great minds of Arnaud… continue reading

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