New era of Market Management Systems is unfolding on power markets

Legacy challenges lead to Europe’s most responsive power market 4 August 2020 – Kiev/Budapest. Ukranian power TSO Ukrenergo successfully finalized a major digitalization effort and completely put into operation its Balancing Market & Ancillary Services System and Settlement System. Ukraine took a further step in liberalizing its power market last July (2019) by enabling the operation of balancing services and imbalance settlement on market principles. This provides harmonized market signals and market pricing for power plant operators and shippers. The World Bank-financed IT project is in some respects unique in Europe and enables Ukrenergo a technological leapfrog, compared to some European TSOs who are currently replacing or are considering replacing their Market and/or Balance Management Systems. The consortium of Navitasoft – Brand of IP Systems – and smart technologies Management-Beratungs und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, together with their subcontractor Siemens AG Austria provided a futureproof, microservices architecture-based MMS solution, which contains up-to-date compliance with European Energy legislation and ENTSO-E business requirements on scheduling and reserve processes, integrated settlement and invoicing features, and a powerful time series management engine. Not everyone is aware that Ukrenergo – the single power TSO of the country – operates two market zones: the so called “Bushtyno Island”… continue reading

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