CTRM Out of the Box, an Oracle NetSuite initiative

Oracle NetSuite can be considered as a true new generation of solutions for ERP, Inventory and Accounting. It takes the cloud offering to the next level with faster implementation and less expensive implementations than ever before. It aligns a similar strategy of Agiblocks for CTRM with high modularity and on-demand solutions. Both Agiblocks and Oracle NetSuite makes the total cost of ownership much lower than traditional business applications, where the flexibility for the user increases. Out of the Box Services For this reason Agiboo integrates with Oracle NetSuite as within the Microsoft Azure stack solutions. The combination of Agiblocks CTRM and the Oracle NetSuite solutions stack is offered to a unique partnership with Out of the Box Solutions based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Out of the Box services  is a remarkable group with more than 20 years of IT delivery experience and a wide service portfolio. The combination of Agiblocks CTRM (Commodity Trade & Risk Management) and Oracle NetSuite is a valuable addition to a new group of demanding customers, making it possible to respond to a faster changing world. For more information, please contact us at [email protected] The post CTRM Out of the Box, an Oracle NetSuite initiative appeared… continue reading

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