Canadian aluminum tariffs likely déjà vu moment for some

Settling in with a favorite film can be comforting in times like these. There’s something reassuring about seeing the same familiar scenes play out on screen. I still laugh at Rodney Dangerfield’s obnoxious tycoon, Al Czervik, in “Caddyshack” or the scene in “Office Space” where disgruntled co-workers take out their frustrations on an unreliable fax machine. Those are classic comedies, though. A repeat viewing of a mob drama like “Goodfellas” can generate the same anxious feelings and emotions I had the first time I saw it. Even though I know what’s coming, there’s an impending sense of doom that just can’t be shaken. That may be the same feeling some market participants had last week when the Trump administration announced it was re-imposing 10% tariffs on imports of Canadian P1020 and higher-purity aluminum products. It must have seemed to some like they had seen this movie before. For buyers of aluminum, the last time they saw it wasn’t a particularly pleasant experience. Who can blame them for wondering whether they’re in for a repeat of the volatility and higher pricing seen the last time tariffs were in place on Canada – the largest exporter of aluminum to the US? Aluminum… continue reading

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