Insight Conversation: Ian Johnston, Engenie

Engenie is a London-based electric vehicle charging infrastructure company partnering with commercial landlords across the UK to grow the country’s public charging network. CEO Ian Johnston spoke to S&P Global Platts about the current landscape of EV public charging networks in the UK, the importance of making charging infrastructure customer friendly, and how EVs will support the transition to renewable energy. How much charging capacity has Engenie installed to date and how would you describe the current state of UK public charging infrastructure networks? As of today, Engenie has 110 hubs installed across the UK, with each hub comprising between one and six chargers. That means we’ve got 156 chargers live today, which equates to about 10 MW installed charging capacity, and we’re working with commercial landlords to secure additional space to grow that to 210 chargers as the market picks up. Typically we install rapid or ultra-rapid charging and the type of charger at the hub is all dependent on the dwell time off the site. 50 KW rapid chargers will give you about an 80% charge in 30-40 minutes and you would expect to find these in places like shopping centres and restaurants, and 150 KW ultra-rapid chargers… continue reading

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