Why Workflow-Driven Design is necessary in financial technology

Given the ever-changing landscape of product development in the financial services industry, companies are faced with the challenges of keeping up with current technologies, while at the same time updating, consolidating, and making complex applications more intuitive and easier to use. Leadership has to answer critical questions such as: How do we become innovative? What are the most important places to focus our efforts, and where do we even begin? What is needed are solutions that balance the needs of the user with new ideas and strategies that matter, make a difference, and have a purpose. We need an approach that is powerful, effective, and accessible. A user experience strategy that helps bring ideas to life and delivers true business value is workflow-driven design. Especially for Product Managers who have the highest stakes and need to make critical product roadmap decisions, the workflow-driven design is an approach that can have a significant impact and influence on your product and company’s success. Unfortunately, many financial institutions underestimate the value and benefits of implementing a thorough User Experience design strategy. Workflow-driven design Workflow-driven design is a user-centric approach to solving business objectives derived and realized from the user’s needs. It is an… continue reading

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