What’s on energy traders’ shopping lists in a time of COVID-19?

(Commodities People) In the last 3 months since COVID started wreaking havoc (gosh, it feels like so much longer…) myself and the team here at Commodities People have been in daily contact with a wide range of energy trading firms and technology providers. On the tech provider side there has been a really noticeable split – some finding that pending sales have been at best frozen, at worst completely evaporating, while others find themselves having their best periods yet (one large firm I’ve been speaking to have achieved over 120% of their annual target in the first half of the year!) What accounts for this difference? What technology solutions have become more important than ever as a result of the last few months, and which less so? As an organiser of physical events in the energy trading sector for the last decade and now having embraced the benefits of online events, we are in a strong position to answer this question – attendees to all of our events complete a survey at point of registration around their interests, and also the purchases they are considering making in the coming 18 months. So… in order, please see below the results so… continue reading

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