Trading tech lessons from an Amazon outage went down last week. It makes up over half the revenue for a trillion dollar behemoth. Let’s just say uptime is critical. A short window of grace The first thing we can learn about this outage is that you probably didn’t even notice. This is a really important concept: No setup is infallible. The total Amazon outage was about eight minutes. Compare this to Delta’s notorious days-long outages, which caused massive physical disruptions and some very hot under the collar customers. The take-away is that even in the absence of perfection there is a window, a very narrow window of grace where even if there is an outage the impact to the business is minimal. Cloud just lapped on-premise The second thing we can learn is that this is probably a milestone. The cloud has your on-premise beat. Hands down. No contest. Hit the showers. By cloud, I mean Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and maybe Google. These cloud providers have invested so much into reliability tools it’s getting to the point that it is inconceivable to duplicate on-premise. How did Amazon recover so fast? Well, obviously it’s AWS. But they are likely using their own tools like Elastic… continue reading

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