Insight Conversation: Philippe Sauquet, Total

Philippe Sauquet, president, gas, renewables and power at Total, spoke with Stuart Elliott about the company’s energy transition strategy and trends in a number of sectors, from LNG to hydrogen. France’s Total was the first mover among European oil and gas majors to announce its ambition to become a greener company, creating in 2016 a separate division for gas, renewables and power under the leadership of Philippe Sauquet. Since then Total has made a number of high-profile acquisitions in this space and continues to drive an integrated strategy covering the whole value chain from LNG supplies, gas-for-power generation, renewable energy production, including in offshore wind, and direct sales to end-users. Philippe Sauquet joined S&P Global Platts on June 10 for an in-depth chat about Total’s strategy, its ambitions to grow the business, and challenges facing the sector given low energy prices and the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Philippe Sauquet, president, gas, renewables and power, Total Tell us about Total’s push into lower-carbon fuels Total started four years ago a journey to emerge from an oil and gas company to an energy company. And more than that, a responsible energy company. So we started to speed up our development of… continue reading

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