Insight Conversation: Christopher LaFemina, Jefferies LLC

Christopher LaFemina is managing director, global metals and mining equities research at Jefferies LLC, a global investment bank and financial services company. He talked to Diana Kinch and Paul Hickin about metals market trends as the COVID-19 crisis gradually eases, and how the industry might develop in the longer term. Christoper LaFemina, Jefferies LLC Metals prices have been on a rollercoaster since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. Many metals have now moved into a surplus, which presents a new problem. Can we expect volatility to diminish now that many countries are emerging from lockdowns? I would say the volatility in metals markets has been driven by two separate, but both critically important factors. First is obviously the demand impact from the coronavirus. We had a collapse in demand in China in January and February. China has begun to recover, but US and European demand has been very, very weak. And the significant weakness in demand globally has driven a lot of the volatility in the markets. The second factor is the impact on supply due to lockdowns. Mines getting shut down in various regions around the world have made the impact of the pandemic on metals markets not as… continue reading

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