Showcasing the new OpenFin Platform API with Reactive Trader

Reactive Trader Cloud is our real-time, fully open-source showcase FX trading platform. We recently integrated it with OpenFin Desktop (formerly OpenFin Cloud Services – you can take a look at our blog post here to learn more). We’re now excited to announce that Reactive Trader Cloud has implemented the new OpenFin Platform API!    What’s New? The OpenFin Platform API is now available in OpenFin runtime 14+, and represents a significant upgrade to the Layouts 1.0 Service. In this article, we’ll describe what features are available in this new release, and then give you an overview on how we upgraded our showcase application, Reactive Trader, to take advantage of them. Snapshots in the Platform API With the new Platform API, the layouts service is completely integrated into the runtime, and available under the platform namespace. It now supports tabbed views, grid views, and even separate window configurations for greater UI flexibility. Since the layout service was an integral part of the OpenFin ecosystem, having it integrated directly into the API will accelerate development and ensure greater compatibility and stability in your OpenFin applications. To replace workspaces, the Platform API introduces a new concept called snapshots. Each time you save a… continue reading

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