EPEX SPOT to start Nordic intraday power trading in January, day-ahead in March

OSLO (Reuters) – EPEX SPOT, part of European energy bourse EEX, expects to launch its intraday power trading platform in the Nordics in January, with day-ahead following in March, the exchange told Reuters on Tuesday. The launch will end a long-standing regional monopoly for Nordic power exchange Nord Pool and increase competition between platforms for spot electricity trading. While EPEX received a licence at the beginning of 2019 to operate an intraday market in Norway, permission to operate the day-ahead market is still outstanding. “For day-ahead, this licence is still to be issued by the government,” said an EPEX spokeswoman. “It is supposed to be granted soon.” EPEX expects to have all needed permits for the day-ahead market in place on March 10, it told Reuters in an email. The EU legal framework allowing multiple electricity market operators to work in the Nordic zone is expected to be implemented from that date, it said, subject to testing and all other implementation steps being carried out “without delay”. The so-called Multi-NEMO Arrangement will allow EPEX SPOT to operate markets in the Nordic region, meaning Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The additional licence in Norway is required because Norway is not a… continue reading

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