Unlocking the Power of the Collaborative Financial Desktop

A couple of weeks ago, the Adaptive team participated in the Symphony Innovate conference in New York. Our team all enjoyed the conference. It was great to see all the demonstrations of Symphony in action. We particularly enjoyed the demos by ChartIQ and NatWest Markets. Matt Harvey and John Smith from NatWest showed the SCOUT digital trading assistant. Adaptive was happy to be the team that partnered with NatWest Markets to build this platform. In case you missed that, here’s the video of their presentation. Riko Eksteen and I (Matt Barrett) showed how the future of the financial desktop will be integrated, collaborative and real time. We demonstrated Reactive Trader, an FX trading system integrated with Symphony and supported by a bot. It gives a sense of what’s possible with technology like Symphony. Here’s a video of our presentation: Reactive Trader as demonstrated is available as open source. If you or your team want to experiment, you can access it on the Adaptive GitHub repository. We help clients unlock the collaborative desktop. We just completed a case study with NatWest Markets that goes into more depth about the SCOUT project. It’s not yet available to the public, but if you’re… continue reading

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