The Street Strikes Back: Oil & Gas Operators Shown No Mercy

Austin, TX (October 9, 2019) – Enverus, the leading oil and gas SaaS and data analytics company, has released The Street Strikes Back, a new report in its FundamentalEdge series focused on geopolitical and domestic impacts affecting the oil, natural gas, and NGL markets. “Global incidents like the attack on Saudi oil facilities that used to send lasting ripples across the world and disproportionately harm the United States are now being dismissed,” said Bernadette Johnson, Vice President of Strategic Analytics at Enverus. “What used to trigger a major buy or sell in crude oil, or cause prices at the pump to skyrocket, are being shrugged off by the markets in a day,” she said. “Absorbing most of that impact is the Permian basin, which has since jumped to 40% of total U.S. oil production, but capacity and bottlenecks continue to be a major problem there. The good news is relief is on its way with several planned pipelines expected to come online soon,” she said. “America’s energy story isn’t just about crude oil,” Johnson added. “Liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports set a record high during the summer of 2019, and our projections indicate they could nearly double from 5.0 Bcf/d… continue reading

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